What our clients, suppliers and mentors think of us.


Safety Management Skills Development Workshop;

John Landmark, Head of Geosciences Transformation, Anglo American

To pull together at short notice a workshop involving 50 participants from 6 countries (3 continents) to be kept totally focused and active for 4 weeks is not an easy task. Besides travel, accommodation and course structure – logistics have to take into account laptop connectivity, free time allocation, entertainment and flagging interest levels. This takes a skill beyond simply arranging a conference – it requires considerable empathy with the participants.

CONFERenceIT have an amazing variety of contacts and are well networked that no matter what we requested of them they were able to deliver. This ranged from fire-eaters to motivational speakers, chartering of two corporate jet planes to a dinner with dolphins, from internet access for all participants to morning reviver kits. No request was too hard, and the “can-do” approach made dealing with them such a pleasure.


Mark McPherson, Manager, Training and Conferences, AusCERT

CONFERenceITs greatly-valued assistance has consistently attracted high quality, positive feedback from our delegates time and again.


Mark Ragan, Professor and Head Genomics and Computational Biology, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland

ConferenceIT = personalised, tech-savvy conference management highly attuned to our actual vision for the conference -- not a generic conference, but OUR conference.

CONFERenceIT secured sponsors that we considered impossibly long shots -- including those vitally important first-time sponsors

As for tech-savvy -- with CONFERenceIT we could take risks -- the hugely successful OptiPortal display, for example -- that we wouldn’t have dared try with a generic firm.

Many delegates told me, unsolicited, that GIW-2008 was the best GIW ever -- and this was the 19th GIW.


Michael Biber, Co-Chair, IPv6 Summit Program Committee, President, IPv6 Forum Australia

The IPv6 Summit is one of the premier IPv6 events worldwide and attracts many distinguished Australian and international speakers and delegates, all have expressed complete satisfaction with the arrangements that CONFERenceIT have provided. They are an integral part of the planning process and support the Program Committee with aplomb, sensitivity and complete professionalism.

Some of the tasks required have pushed the extremes of the technical envelope. Next generation IPv6 based videoconferencing has been employed to bring in last minute additional speakers. In one event, CONFERenceIT facilitated the multicasting of the Melbourne Cup over IPv6 Video. This was the first time broadcast-TV was made available in this way.

CONFERenceIT have gone the extra mile to ensure our events reflect the level of sophistication and professionalism we require.


Ross Gorham, Executive Officer, QRNO & QUESTnet

Excellent – a smoothly executed event.

I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of CONFERenceIT staff and their dedication to providing a great outcome for all stakeholders. They are always interested in exploring innovative ways of using technology to enhance the conference – which is very important to the QUESTnet organisers who wish to showcase technological innovations.

However, it is equally important to having an event organiser who demonstrates great care to the delegate and the delegate experience. CONFERenceIT certainly did that for the QUESTnet Conference. They also showed equal care in liaising with presenters and conference exhibitors - to ensure they all had an enjoyable experience and that they had a good opportunity to showcase their material.

eResearch Australasia

Patricia McMillan, Project Manager, National Technology Infrastructure Initiatives, The University of Queensland

For eResearch Australasia, Martin spent many hours over several months investigating options and negotiating with providers, and he succeeded in having fibre laid to the venue at no charge to the conference. I don’t think any other event organiser in Australia would have been able to arrange that or would have been willing to spend the effort necessary to do it.

I know I don’t need to worry about anything

CONFERenceIT cares, understands, and thinks about the content of the event and the community that attends it, rather than just providing a generic event organisation service.


Craig Bond, General Manager, Sebel Citigate, Albert Park

(Location of the 400 pax eResearch conference in Melbourne)

Martin demands nothing but the best from our facilities and our staff. His conference scoping is always highly complex and detailed but Martin makes the difference in that he is always prepared to meet with myself and my staff in order to ensure we understand his requirements and that Martin himself understands the way in which we can work together to deliver an enviable end product.

Martin and his team set themselves apart by becoming part of our hotel during the time they are preparing for and convening an event. This certainly does not detract from our hotel/venue/client relationship but rather enhances the ability to know that as a team, we only have one opportunity to deliver exactly what Martin is seeking.

Greg Magi, General Manager, RACV Royal Pines Resort

(Location of our two largest conferences)

Their partnership with Royal Pines Resort has allowed for them to push for the Resort to adopt best practice in IT and network cabling to accommodate their conference requirements and hence ensure conference objective for the AusCERT conference is met.

Adoption of the above best practice in IT and network cabling has provided a permanent benefit to the Resort that can be used as a unique selling point to the conference & event market.

CONFERenceIT challenge venues and suppliers with their policies and procedures and provide regular feedback as to how policies and procedures can be reviewed and changed to make for a more efficient operation, e.g. review of the Royal Pines Resort exhibitor bump-in and bump-out procedures has led to a change that ensures exhibitor goods are received and dispatched in the most efficient and user friendly manner that will reduce staff time in locating lost items.

Martin is an innovative thinker and is consistently providing and applying best practice thought to his events.

Andrew Troedson, Account Manager, Con-sol Pty Ltd

(A/V supplier for two of our largest conferences)

The CONFERenceIT statistical modelling of number of attendees is certainly an innovative practice that I have not seen used elsewhere. It was a great help for us in the planning process to have an accurate prediction of attendee numbers in the months prior to the conference.

Bruce McEwen, Project Consultant, Pyramid Displays

(Exhibition supplier for our two largest exhibitions)

We have been supplying exhibition equipment for conferences organised by CONFERenceIT for the past five years and consider them to be one of the most professional and dedicated conference organisers we work with.

The CONFERenceIT team make what could be nightmares for us to organise into very smooth processes. Any information or details we require are rapidly supplied and if the ConferenceIT team do not have these on hand they are quickly located and passed on to us.

We have not found a company more committed to looking after their clients, sponsors and exhibitors in all our time in this industry. No problem is ever too small or impossible to solve. We have also never found exhibitors more complimentary of or more loyal to, a conference organiser than the exhibitors at these events are towards Martin and his team.


Ann Uldridge, business mentor, client and long time friend

CONFERenceIT is successful because its staff

• think about the big picture, while attending to detail;

• base decisions on research but don’t forget “gut feel”

• care about their customers and obtaining a quality result; and

• are pleasant and cheerful but will expose and explain unpleasant truths when necessary.

Ian Hunter, original committee member - EDUCAUSE (our first big conference in 2001), now mentor and good friend

I have worked with numerous teams of conference organisers over a period of some thirty years and am able to say without a doubt that CONFERenceIT are the most professional, in all aspects of their work, that I have had the pleasure of working with. Since I first had the opportunity to work with them some years ago, they have always amazed me by their absolute commitment and professionalism in everything they do, and by their ability to remain calm and clear-sighted should any emergency arise.

Martin, Jackie and their team never commit less than 100% effort to any project, and always ensure the success of any event with which they are associated; they work cooperatively and professionally with others involved, and learn quickly from any problems which occur.



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